Kb Toys Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear the legendary space ranger is set to embark on an intergalactic adventure. He teams up with Sox, his robotic companion, to help defeat the evil Zurg. Children will enjoy this animated adventure. They will learn to laugh, learn, and appreciate the sights of space. It’s an iconic movie that is sure to please. It’s the perfect film for preschoolers and families alike. Lightyear is an excellent space adventure and an insightful reflection on time. However, its connection to Toy Story is a little unclear. It’s more of a film within a film than a satirical look at the blockbusters of the past. It’s worth watching even when it doesn’t have any direct connection to Toy Story.

The fans of Pixar animation may be hoping for an update that brings back Andy and Buzz Lightyear. While Lightyear is a standalone film however, it has a lot of characters from the previous Toy Story films, including Zurg. The Toy Story universe has a villain known as Emperor Zurg. The Emperor Zurg villain is also featured in the earlier Toy Story films and claims to be the father of Buzz Lightyear.

After the recent LightYear movie came out in 2022. Buzz LightYear toys products started releasing at the end of May 2022. Several toys hit the major markets displaying a space ship that Buzz fly’s to find warp speed to 12 inch figurines that seem to be the most popular of toys for kids ages 4 years to 8 years. The sales of these products have been extremely high in demand because of the popularity and connection that kids and adults seemed to have with the Buzz LightYear series. Depending where you are buying, the prices of these toys varies greatly especially the 12 inch figurines from Buzz LightYear to Zurg and Cyclopes. Lot of these toys you will find on the shelves from major brand stores like Walmart, Target, Ebay and Amazon. As while these stores try to keep up with demand sometimes there will be a period of price fluctuation varying from product to product when searching for Buzz LightYear toys. This can be caused by low supplies some times, but other factors do get added into the this problem.

Another issue that can arise is not finding a complete set of Buzz LightYear toys for your collection. Mary a mom of two, was very frustrated when trying to find a set of 12 inch figurines for her two little boys of ages 5 years and 7 years. She stated that when she went to Target she would find a couple different Buzz LightYear figurines but there was no Zurg or Cyclopes. So she had to go searching else where which made her mad because the time it took driving around. Others have commented that sometimes you have to go searching on the internet like Ebay or Amazon to find these great highly detail figures, but they did mention depending what day you are looking for them the price can vary from cheap to vary expensive.

If you are one of those people that don’t like searching deals on the internet or doesn’t like driving store to store to find what you are looking for. Another great online store that sells Buzz LightYear in a set, is a store called B Xavier. They are not your traditional online store like Amazon or Ebay, but they do sell Buzz LightYear 12 inch figures in a complete set. The pro about this company is they sell products in bundles as they call it “B Xavier Kit”. Rather than paying a markup per product. They bundle it together and you only pay one markup. They are currently selling a Buzz LightYear 12 inch figurine set with Zurg, Cyclops, and Buzz calling it the “Buzz LightYear Survival Kit” for parents and grandparents that don’t know what to get thier kids for Christmas. This great set they sell is a good price for what you are getting. The only thing about them is there not a big company yet, so you do have to pay shipping but if that is not a concern to you then give them a try. I was really impress with the price they gave and also how much I was saving through them. When you look at there website they break down the top retail value per action figure, and I was surprise how expensive that these 12 inch figurines can go for. It really is something.

Weather you are a parent like me or a grandparent. There are a few options out there if you are a big Buzz LightYear fan. Depending on what your needs are you have B Xavier, Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and Target. My favorite store to shop for Buzz LightYear toys this year was B Xavier. I really like the hole bundle idea even though they call it “B Xavier Kit”. It was simple and easy. I even liked watching the four minute video they had explaining to me how I didn’t need to go searching on the internet or crash my car in a busy mall parking lot to find this simple but fantastic toy set of Buzz LightYear. There video really made me laugh! They were right about one thing though. My 5 year old boy did love his present for his birthday. And was also super ecstatic!